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good kids

Writer/Director Chris McCoy was born in 1981 but, to all intents and purposes, he may as well have come from the 1960s, because, for all its pretense about edginess, the standards and values for this soggy teen coming-of-age story may as well have been plucked from a Doris Day/Rock Hudson romcom.Now, ordinarily this is the part of the review where I reassure the reader that, in spite of one of the worst scripts in recent memory, there are loads of other good things here to keep viewers enthralled and entertained.Sorry, that kind of happy ending only happens in movies, not in reviews of movies. Unlike fine wine, this one does not get better the more time you spend with it.The cast tries hard with the material they are given but sadly that is not enough. (The single exception being Zoey Deutch, who was perhaps the only thing worth watching in Vampire Academy and once again offers the only character worth following in this outing. Deutch has that rare mix of innocence, wisdom and sassiness, bringing to mind an early Diane Keaton. With more edge.) It is also astonishing how a film that tries (unsuccessfully) to base itself on sex has virtually none. This can't be a censorship thing because the other day I was re-reviewing 1978's Animal House (great film!) and that 40 year old flick had more raunch and nudity. So, once again this has to be a director/writer thing -- see comments above on this topic.The only one in the entire film who seems to be having more fun than Deutch is Ashley Judd playing a cougar who sets her sights on one of the young boys in the ensemble cast. You almost get the feeling that she waived her usual fee just to take the part.Judd and Deutch generally have a great time here. The audience, not so much. If it is entertainment you want, pick up a copy of Ferris Bueller or Emma Stone's Easy A.

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Année: 21 Oct 2016

Acteur(s): Chris McCoy,

Réalisateur(s): Zoey Deutch, Ashley Judd, Nicholas Braun, Virginia Gardner,

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